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Classic Rock Poster Sticker Pack by Lindsey Kuhn
Vinyl Thoughts Debuts in NYC this Friday with Unmasked: Secret Identities & Hidden Desires

Come to Brooklyn’s Bottleneck Gallery to attend the opening of the first NYC event thrown by the Vinyl Thoughts Nation: Unmasked: Secret Identities & Hidden Desires. Featuring an open, free bar (magic words), live art by RSIN and even a Kidrobot discount code for attendees, this promises to be an excellent event. Opens at 7PM on Friday April 18th.

Bottleneck Gallery60 BroadwayBrooklyn, NY 11249

TOYCON UK Leftovers from PJ Constable

PJ Constable has some great custom pieces leftover from ToyCon UK. Available in 2 versions, PJ’s Eat or be Eaten custom resin Dunnys come in his OG colorway and a ToyCon UK Colorway. The ToyCon UK colorway also features a different sculpted upper head portion, which allows the Dunny to be displayed upside down, a very nice feature. The ToyCon UK Colorway retails for 75 GBP plus shipping (~$126 plus shipping).
The OG Sculpt and colorway retails for 70 GBP plus shipping (~$118 plus shipping).

Be sure to check out PJ Constable’s customs and pick up an awesome little creature. Each come signed and numbered.

- Mark-AnthonyGoogle+

TOYCON UK Leftovers from Haus Of Boz

Orchid - Custom Rhino Dunny by Haus Of Boz

Haus Of Boz had a few wonderful Dunny’s left over from ToyCon UK. If you don’t follow her on social media, chances are you missed out on a few of the ones put up in her online store. As of writing this, both Rhino’s Toxa and Orchid, were still available at 64.99 GBP each plus shipping (~$109 plus shipping).

Toxa - Custom Rhino Dunny by Haus Of Boz

Each piece has great sculpted features and a detailed paint job. The Orchid Rhino has a nice sculpted and painted orchid as a main feature of the figure, while Toxa features a “toxic” green and black paint schema. These would make great additions to any collection.

- Mark-AnthonyGoogle+

TOYCON UK Leftovers from A Little Stranger

 ToyCon UK 2014 happened over the weekend and lucky for the rest of us who were not able to make it to the event, left over stock is being made available online. This time, A Little Stranger (Holly) has a few items left over from ToyCon UK. A limited edition print titled “My Beloved Monster and Me” is up for 20 GBP plus shipping (about $34 plus shipping). This print is limited to 5 and each is signed and numbered. Also available in the online store of A Little Stranger, is the Toy Con UK mascot in a nice smoke vinyl with glitter, highlighted with silver and black paint. The mouth and eyes are available in a Acid Green and Deep Blue colorway, each selling for 35 GBP (~$58) plus shipping. A nice color addition for this cool figure.In addition to these great ToyCon UK leftovers, there are also some great original drawings and paintings available. Be sure to check out the entire A Little Stranger online store, there is definitely something for everyone.- Mark-AnthonyGoogle+

TOYCON UK Left Overs from NEMORI

 For all those who were unable to attend TOYCON UK this past weekend, artists are starting to put left over stock online. One of those companies, NEMORI (the joint venture with Cris Rose and Lunabee) put up these great resin Windermere Owls. Priced at 25 GBP each plus shipping, or roughly $42 plus shipping, these resin owls are roughly 3” tall and are an original sculpt. All the owls are uniquely painted and some even come with a nifty hat. 
Another great thing about the NEMORI world, is the story behind all the fun little creatures being created. Be sure to head on over to the NEMORI online store and pick up one of these, and possibly a Brightfiled Bunny or Burntwood Bear.- Mark-AnthonyGoogle+

BRANDT PETERS X FERG TROUBLE BOYS S00? [NKD] RETAILER edition up for preorder on

BRANDT PETERS X FERG TROUBLE BOYS S00? [NKD] RETAILER edition up for preorder on

SNEAK PEEK: DeKorner’s Kookie No Good Sofubi by Scott Tolleson

Normally, Fortune Cookies are a perfect way to finish a good meal at a Chinese Restaurant — a crunchy treat with a happy and hopeful message.  Forget all that. Kookie No Good is a wayward, sad, mischievous fortune cookie or perhaps a ‘misfortune’ cookie.  Whether he is upset at the world or just upset that he’s food, he’s certainly not looking to bring you good fortune.   

Starting with De Korner owner Kevin Cao’s desire to make a ‘bad fortune cookie’ toy, Kookie No Good was designed by prolific artist Scott Tolleson. The appeal of this adorably upset sofubi toy lies in his priceless expression with furrowed brow, and pursed lips. The Kookie No Good 2014 retailer edition features a cookie color base vinyl with red, black, pink and white sprays. Manufactured in Japan, the figure stands 3.5” and is articulated smoothly at the neck.

As always, hit me up if you are interested in this piece. They retail for $35 each.

Godot Cosmonaut by Sergey Safonov up for preorder now on his site

Sergey Savonov’s Godot Cosmonaut custom set is available for preorder now on his website here.

Here’s what Sergey shared with us:
April 12 is a Cosmonautics day in dedication of the first manned space flight made on April 12, 1961. As you remember, in 2011 we did a Kickstarter campaign to celebrate 50 years of Gagarin’s flight and produced a Luno figure. So let’s keep the tradition alive.

This year, special holiday release is a Godot Cosmonaut with his little helping Rover friend. If you’re attending to ToyCon UK today, you can see them in person at booth.

This year I am not at the Con, but you can see my toys and ARTRANSMITTE booth and special secret release at Taylored Curiosities stand.

Godot Cosmonaut is the most complicated release to date, it’s made of 26 parts and three different plastic materials. I’ll be making these to order, so If you want to add this set to your collection, please preorder yours.

Thank you for your support and Happy Cosmonautics day!

- Benny Kline