Lyle Bean by Mighty Jaxx x Scott Tolleson

Mighty Jaxx presents the first of their CO-LAB(color-Lab) line of interchangeable multicolored vinyl toys. Lyle Bean is the first release which was designed by Scott Tolleson and initially released at Scott’s booth during SDCC 2014. Each Lyle Bean is packaged in a blister clam shell with a backer card. One of the great little features about these are the heads(and possible the arms) can be popped off and swapped with a different color, increasing the color combinations. While Scott only had the 4 base colors available during SDCC, Mighty Jaxx is upping the ante a bit with a free exclusive. Everyone who purchases all four Lyle Bean colors, through the Mighty Jaxx online store, will also receive a rare clear Lyle Bean.  Retailing for $30 each, these will be available to purchase through the Mighty Jaxx website on August 1st at 7pm PST. Scott Tolleson on Lyle Bean:
Everyone loves Lyle Bean. He believes that wearing argyle gives him the extra brain power he needs to keep up with his favorite subjects: Statistics, Biochemistry and Art History. In his free time, he enjoys playing retro video games, cup stacking and studying for tests. He looks up to his sister, Sayjo Bean. He wouldn’t say “no” to a treat. - Scott Tolleson What is going to come up next in the CO-LAB line by Mighty Jaxx? Only time will tell.  - Mark-Anthony  Google+

GID OG Impala Mini by Wild Westside

Arik Elhe, Wild Westside, released the second colorway of his OG Impala Mini at SDCC 2014, the Glow in the Dark version. Arik shared a booth with Noah of Noah’s Fine Art and the booth was consistently packed during the convention. Arik’s GID OG Impala min retails for $60 each, plus tax, and the limited number of pieces he brought to SDCC sold out in the first day. Unfortunately for many, Arik probably didn’t plan on that happening. Now for the good news, Arik held back a few pieces from the edition of 20 and has made them available through his online store. These pieces are amazing in person and the GID version glows pretty well with a decent charging of light.
  - Mark-Anthony  Google+

October Toys SDCC Leftovers Available Now!

October Toys put up the remaining stock of their SDCC Exclusives releases. Be sure to head on over to the October Toys website and pick up a Purple Calaverita, some metal weapons and some new OMFG Colors! Don’t miss out on these great toys, while also supporting some great people!

Also, be sure to check out the latest Toy Break episode!

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Molotov Man Optimus Prime by Patrick Wong

August 1st brings the “Children of the 80’s” art show to the Guzu Gallery in Austin. Patrick Wong’s submission to the show is a Transformers design entitled “Molotov Man Optimus Prime”. Patrick Wong took an 8” DIY Optimus Prime Vinyl figure from The Loyal Subjects and created a wonderful custom from it. “Molotov Man Optimus Prime” references an iconic photograph taken in 1979 by Susan Meiselas, which depicts a rebel soldier ready to throw a molotov cocktail one of the last remaining Somoza National Guard. The image has been re-imagined many times, with one of the more famous art pieces being produced by Banksy. Patrick’s version is the latest recreation, in 3D form. Patrick Wong took the original DIY 8” Optimus Prime figure and reworked it to give it the leaning stance, as well as a very clean color scheme.

 This piece will be available from the Guzu Gallery for $300. For those interested in this piece, or any other piece in the show, be sure to head over to the Guzu Gallery website to sign up for the preview list.
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Credenda Studios HammerTongue

Credenda Studios presents its first bagged figure. His name is HammerTongue and he is here to reclaim his throne over the black market!
“Once the ruthless kingpin of the underground black market who bathed in the tears of the dead and all those who defied him. With 13 wives and piles of jewels that would make Donald Trump tremble, life was good for HammerTongue. That was until he was betrayed by his apprentice and cast into exile. but after years of miserable solitude, HammerTongue is back to claim what is rightfully his…”
This figure is limited to only 25 pieces and is handpainted with a custom header card. The non articulated figures go for $45 a piece. They will be going up for sale this Sunday at noon MST at Credenda Studios online store.

TONIGHT: “Buffet” Pop Culture Happy Hour at Pulqueria downtown NYC

Come out and listen to some smooth sounds and talk comic books, movies, and TV with fellow fans.

Buffet will take place at Pulqueria (11 Doyers Street) from 6-9pm tonight. There will be $5 drink specials and $4 tacos. Check out the picks from the last one and the flyer for tomorrow night. RSVP via the FB event below:

Super7 Store - Alien Egg Chamber Playset Pre-Order

 Look kids! Now you can relive the excitement of the Nostromo Crew’s journey into the Derelict Alien Spaceship! Venture with Kane deep into the mysterious Egg Chamber ReAction Playset and pose your sturdy ReAction Figures on the detailed, egg-covered base. Inspired by the playsets of the 1970’s and packaged in an era appropriate photo box, the playset provides the perfect backdrop for all of your ReAction Adventures. The playset comes complete with classically styled action base and corrugated cardboard, full-color Alien Egg Silo backdrop that slides into the base for display. ReAction Figures sold separately.
 Preorder this absurdly awesome playset for $100 at the following link:Super7 Store - Alien Egg Chamber Playset Pre-Order


 I was pleasantly surprised to see Urban Vinyl Daily post up about a new video on the New York Natives website featuring a video interview of Greg Mishka… but i gotta tell you, I’m a little bit pissed off as well. You see, the interviewer in this video, and all of the Know Your Stuff videos, is my friend and neighbor Simeon Lipman (co creator of The Art Hustle card series, actor in the Toy Lords of Chinatown flicks, and conspirator in many other cool art-related projects).

My problem is WHY DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT THESE VIDEOS?! Come on Simeon, freakin TELL US when you are involved in something crazy cool like this! Simeon has interviewed Greg, the Sucklord, David Healey, Lev from Toy Tokyo and more. Click here to watch all the Know Your Stuff videos.

As for me, I’d love to kick Simeon’s ass next time I run into him at the post office… but he’s huge, so I think I’ll just have to cry and whimper like a scolded puppy instead…

Modified Wool Sneak Peeks

The modified Wool show starts today at RayGun Comics Hackney in London. Pieces will be available to buy from 4pm that afternoon on a first come first served basis, and will be sent out to buyers after the show finishes on the 9th of August. Any pieces still available after the 9th will be made available on the website.
Here are some sneak peeks of Blue Frog World, Lisa Rae Hansen, Map Map, Okkle, Taylored Curiosities, Run DMB and others pieces.  The variety is fantastic!

There will also be a raffle on the night full of goodies from Taylored Curiosities and Dan Perry aka including blind boxes, resin jewellery, plush and lots more.
There will also be three of Taylored Curiosities newest creatures; Spriggledops, hiding somewhere around the venue (these are magnetic so they will be stuck to things).  He will share photo clues on his instagram and whoever finds them can take them home.
Check out the Facebook event here.

Amanda Visell Coarse Customs

Omen Jackalope, Omen Bat, Omen Lumber

Amanda Visell presents three Omen figures available exclusively from Rotofugi.   Only 3 of each of these  17” customs will be produced.   Visit Rotofugi for details.

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